Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's in a name?

I know.  I know.  It's about time you're probably all saying.  But that title, Gen?  Really?!  As usual with me, there's a story behind it...  

We have only been at three Air Force bases in the past sixteen years.  After several years at each base, Joe and I joke that we're getting "sand in our boots" and that it's time to move on.  At one of my recent follow-ups with my all-time favorite surgeon, Dr. C (also a military member), we were laughing and cracking jokes about my new boobs being full of sand.  Silicon is basically - sand.  The next day, Joe jokingly said that I have "sand in my boobs".  I loved it; it was quirky and catchy and, to me anyway, funny.  And thus, the name of our blog was born.

So, dear readers, read on.  This blog will be a continuation of our Caring Bridge blog that we started when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We'll keep you abreast (hehe) of any new, funny, sad or titillating (hehe#2) details of our on-going cancer-life adventure.  We're hoping that the cancer part becomes just a side note in our life's adventures, but you never know.  

I will try to pull all of our old Caring Bridge posts  ( here so that if you're a new reader, you can get the low-down on why we started this blog.  I have asked Joe to contribute to the writing duties since some of his Caring Bridge posts were so poignant and funny, but we'll see...

Thanks for visiting!  Please feel free to share this site with others, make comments, suggestions or ask questions.  I'm an open book when it comes to this disease and how it impacted our lives, so fire away...

We truly appreciate the outpouring of love and support that you've all given us before, during and after my diagnosis.  We can only hope that other families touched by this disease, or any hardship for that matter, are as fortunate as we are!  

Remember, do your monthly breast exams or, as Joe loves to tell the guys - "Save a life, grope your wife."  


Gen =)

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