Monday, February 4, 2013

EN OS, Week 4

Survey says…

As I’ve mentioned before, we like to try new recipes in our house.  We really want to expose the kids to a variety of cuisines.  Joe says, if they ever go to someone’s house for dinner and they’re serving something that the kids aren’t sure of, we want them to be able to “choke it down.”   In the past two weeks we’ve tried a half a dozen new recipes.  One was an entrée, three were side dishes and two were desserts.  Everyone liked five out of the six recipes.  The sixth one just didn’t do it for us, me in particular.  Guess what it was!  Roasted turnips.  Me!  I didn’t like the roasted turnips.  I’m sticking to the raw ones, thanks.  Sorry, Jess.

And, speaking of turnips, last Monday, Ron, our massage terrorist, called me and told me that his neighbor had given him a big bunch of turnips from his garden.  Ron was calling to see if I wanted some.  Wasn’t that sweet of him!?  Well, of course, I readily agreed and hurried over!  I’ve loved my daily turnip snack everyday this week.

This week I’ve noticed that I seem to be tired and hungry all the time.  The weird part about being hungry though is that I get full quickly.  I’ve always been a snacker; so eating all the time isn’t a big deal for me.  I do notice though that I’ve been getting full quicker.  Even with the sweets.  Considering my sweet tooth, that’s quite a surprise to me.  I guess it’s making a difference too.  Several people in the past few weeks have commented that I’m looking thinner, including Joe.  I don’t think that I’ve lost weight; I just think everything has just been redistributed with all the training. 

I continue to chug along with my workouts.  The bike workouts continue challenge me, particularly the Saturday one!  The run workouts are doable, but getting up at 4:30am to get my long run in on Sunday ain’t fun.   Still, it feels good to knock out a long run before church and to watch the sunrise as I do it.

My Friday rest day was spent at the surgical center with my training and birthday buddy, Blake, whose wife was having her “swap” surgery after her breast reconstruction.  Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer about a year after me.  Of course we chatted about our Outseason, our upcoming race season, etc. as we waited.  Blake started the Outseason before me so he’s actually at the tail end of it.  He asked me if I’d gotten to the VO2 workouts yet.  “VO2 workouts?” I asked.  Blake laughed and started to tell about the VO2 workouts.  “Uh-oh!  If that’s really what they’re like, I’m toast!” I told him.  And then I went home and checked for myself.  Ack!  Okay, I need to remind myself that I’m working up to those.  At the rate I’m going though, I will be eating every hour on the hour until 5pm when I collapse into bed each night.  

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