Wednesday, March 6, 2013

EN OS, Week 5

EN OS, Week 5

Not much to report.  Tons of stuff to do this past week, above and beyond workouts.  Got those done, and then some.   Got to babysit a friend’s toddler.  Forgot how easily distracted they are and how little their legs are.  Still, it was fun to hang out with her for a couple of hours.  Did another time trial on Sunday after my 12-mile run.  This one was a 10-miler and uphill for the first half.  I got inside my box and kept repeating my mantra word of the day.  I wasn’t as fast as I was for the 4-mile time trial, but I felt better going up the hills. 

Saturday was a reverse duathlon – rode on the trainer for my OS ride, did my transition run on the treadmill and then headed outside to catch a quick ride w/friends.  It was very windy and a bit chilly.  No matter; I was very warmed up by then.  Usually, I’m the one bundled up, but on Saturday, I was in the minority wearing only long-sleeved shirt and shorts.  Almost everyone else had on long bibs and a wind breaker.  I paid for it when I got home.  I’ve been typically getting so cold I shiver uncontrollably if I don’t get in the shower very shortly after I’m done with my workouts.  Not sure why.  Saturday, after I got home, I got in the shower pretty quickly, but my foot suddenly turned white and went numb.  Seriously! 

By Sunday night, I was soooo ready for the rest on Monday.  Yeah, right.  So much for my rest day.  We got up early to take our son to get dropped off for his field trip to Space Camp and then took the littlest out to breakfast.  Too bad for the oldest as she was already at school.  Monday was Girl Scout cookie pick up and then a regularly scheduled oncology appointment.  Dr. B says I’m doing fine.  He had no words of advice regarding my weird chills and numb foot.  I was a little put out.  All he did was check my pulses in my arms and feet.  He told me they were all “strong”.  Joe says he just doesn’t know what to make of me – endurance athlete-cancer survivor. 

That’s it.  Like I said, nothing much to report.

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